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The Luengopearl Range of Luengo Color S.L.U. It is based on pearl gloss effect pigments formulated with natural mineral mica coated with a thin layer of titanium metal oxides and iron oxide.

The pearl shine is different depending on the particle size, varying from matt tones to highly bright tones. All these possibilities can be obtained with the various pigments of the Luengopearl range. In addition, these effects can be obtained differently if it is colored in bulk or by surface coatings.

Thanks to the transparency and interaction of the refractive index, the coating offers multiple reflections, achieving a wide variety of color effects, such as silver white, metallic glitters, gold and various colors, among others.

They can be incorporated in aqueous bases and solvent, and used in all types of polymers. These pigments are chemically stable in acids and bases diluted, non-inflammable and not autoignitable, do not conduct electricity and are resistant up to temperatures of 800 ºC.

The products of the Luengopearl range of Luengo Color S.L.U. can be applied in different methods: stamping and textile dyeing, coloring and dyeing of tanning, printing and paper coloring, manufacture of plastic derivatives, aqueous paints, solvent paints for metal and wood, and latex coloring systems, among others.

The pigments of the Luengopearl range can be offered in the form of liquid concentrates so that customers can save the process of incorporating the powder product. In this way, the incorporation of the pigment into the paint is remarkably improved, thus avoiding possible problems of working with the powder pigment.

The technology used for the production of Luengopearl Range products is respectful with the environment and different product families of the same quality as the main international competitors can be offered.

Investment in R&D


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