Colouring for fertilisers

It is increasingly difficult to get good fertilizers, it is also difficult to get dyes for the manufacture of such important fertilizers, and is that for agricultural connoisseurs, distinguishing a quality fertilizer is more difficult, therefore you should know that colour is very important, and that there are fertilizers for each type of plant, in fact it is interesting to understand that a large number of agents have been developed, that is dyes to treat all types of fertilizers, from the outside in and this allows to cover it completely, but surely you will wonder


What is the importance of dye in fertilizers? Because if you are a fertilizer producer allows you to give a better valuation of the product offered, this increases the quality of all your services, in addition you can make a distinction of colors to explain the use of fertilizer for different crops, for example is not the same fertilizer used for an ornamental plant as for a vegetable plant, there are weak plantations and resistant plantations, and the color plays an ideal role, in addition the components of fertilizers vary, many of them can have sulfur, nitrogen, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, among other components that serve to strengthen and ensure the growth of the various plantations, in fertilizer dyes are nutrients, Minerals that your plant so badly needs, if not used properly can shorten the life of plants. Surely you have spent a lot of time searching in the network about sales of dyes and the different components, but in Luengocolor we have colors for fertilizers at unbeatable prices, since we understand that it is not only the appearance but the quality of the product, understand the different agents that correspond to each color, and we also cater to the demands of our customers optimally


Using dyes for fertilizers is a way to ensure the quality of your product, and understand that they are of utmost importance to the quality of what you offer, for example many brands that do not add dyes to their fertilizers end up using the same fertilizer for all plantations, without distinction, in addition to denying plantations certain nutrients they require through those dyes, and end up killing the plant, and that’s a tragedy for any farmer, and we all know that there’s nothing more tragic than a farmer annoyed by poor quality fertilizers, which also shorten the life of his plantations, That is why care must be taken when preparing them, quality items must be available that is noticeable and transmit confidence to all customers. Having the dyes of our company Luengocolor is a blessing for any farmer since experts in the field will know the needs of each of the plantations, and these dyes will allow to have crops, or beautiful and enviable plantations in sight of all other countrymen.

Do you like the best? Do not hesitate to contact us and I assure you we will be able to respond to all your demands.

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